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Go Bag #2: Shelter

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CZ-IJ14a Tábořiště pro stany In the third of this regular series I explore what you need to put in your go bag. This week: shelter.

If your home or workplace becomes unsafe or is destroyed, and other buildings aren’t safe you’re going to need somewhere to stay. That means that you really need to think about shelter if you’re in an area prone to devastating earthquakes.

The most important thing here is climate:

How hot or cold does it get in your location, especially at night? What about rain, or snow? And if it does rain, how cold is it usually. Being wet is uncomfortable – being cold and wet can kill.

You can choose a tent or, if you’re the adventurous type, two tarpaulins and some rope will usually work nicely.

You will also need something to keep you warm. An emergency blanket, regular blanket or sleeping bag will work, also consider that you might need some insect repellent. Make sure that if you need a sleeping bag, it’s rated for the sort of weather you might be facing.

Think about your pets too. Much of the time evacuation centres won’t have the facilities to cater for them. Even though you might be safe and dry make sure you have taken their needs into account.


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